Five Free Tools To Help You Write And Format A Research Paper

During the work on their academic projects, students often need research paper help. A good way to get it is using online tools for academic writers. Although there are many tools that one should pay for, there are also plenty of good free tools on the web.

Free Tools to Help You Write Your Research Paper Online

  1. Grammarly.
  2. This tool will help you proofread your text and detect various mistakes related to punctuation, spelling, grammar, and so on. The tool recognizes the difference between British and American English.

  3. Slick Write.
  4. This tool can analyze your text in detail. It does more than just finding errors in your paper. It also checks your text for different weak spots, such as filler words, misused terms, repeating phrases, and so on.

  5. Docear.
  6. One of the steps in writing a term paper is seeking the literature sources. This tool will help you find the needed materials and organize them in the order you need. With this tool, your research will go much smoother and quicker.

  7. KnightCite.
  8. This tool will help you make in-text citations in your paper and format its bibliography properly. The tool knows different formatting styles, such as the Chicago style, APA style, and MLA style.

  9. PlagScan.
  10. This tool can be used to check your paper for plagiarism. Even if you write your academic work by yourself, there is still a risk of including plagiarized parts in your text unintentionally. The tool will help you make sure your paper is original.

Finding a Research Paper Helper to Complete Your Assignment

If you have no desire to work on your academic paper, you can find somebody else to complete your writing task. There are several types of sources you can approach:

  • Skilled students.
  • It’s likely that some students from your class have remarkable term paper writing skills. If you persuade one of them to work on your writing tasks, you’ll get cheap research papers for sale.

  • Local professionals.
  • If you want to get your paper written by a qualified specialist, you can look for them in your town. If you visit the places where they may work, such as academic centers, you’re likely to get their contact details.

  • Freelance writers.
  • If you don’t manage to find local experts with the needed specialization, you should start searching on the Internet. Online job boards are full of freelancers who can compose excellent term papers in particular fields.

  • Writing companies.
  • If you want to buy online research papers, you can hire not only freelance writers. There are also big agencies on the Internet that where you can buy custom papers. Having made a deal with such a service, you’ll be able to purchase a paper of any type and on any topic.

Now, you know about the best free tools that a student can use when writing a term paper. Remember, however, that even an excellent tool won’t replace the assistance of a real person. For this reason, it’s advisable to regularly visit your instructor and consult them on how to take the following steps of your work.