Outstanding research paper writing exercises from experts

Writing a research paper can seem a very daunting, tedious and lengthy job to many students especially those who are writing for the first time. However there are many excellent resources available to help a student write an appropriate research paper. Some of the available and outstanding exercises include –


This is the first step to produce a research paper. It involves exercises on -

  • How to choose the best thesis topic?
  • Can your research topic be researched?
  • How to form a research statement.
  • Evaluate your research statement.
  • Research methodologies and how to select one for your research?
  • Time management exercises.
  • Model research papers for you.
  • How to get the interest of your reader.
  • Investigating

    The research process is a multilayered progression. The basic exercises which can help one to experience this stage better can be -

    • How to evaluate your sources.
    • Evaluating what you read.
    • Differentiating between primary and secondary sources.
    • How to sample search
    • Qualitative and quantitative methods of survey.
    • Exercises on mixed methods of survey.
    • Interview techniques.
    • Research method exercises.
    • Evaluating your research method.
    • Documentation in the paper.


    It helps if writing the paper is seen as an essential part of research and not as a isolated process. Students can benefit from exercises on -

    • Using language and style to grab attention.
    • Logic in a writer’s argument.
    • Noun verb agreement exercises.
    • Basic punctuation exercises.
    • Writing effective titles
    • Exercises on writing individual chapter - introduction, methods, discussion and conclusion.
    • Writing effective abstracts.
    • Exercises on incorporating statistical tools in your paper.

    Editing & proofreading

    Editing gives the paper a proper and final shape. It is better if the write is edited regularly than after completion.

    • Editing samples – basic and advanced.
    • Proofreading samples – basic and advanced
    • Exercises on common sentence errors.
    • Exercises on writing – readability
    • Exercises on common language errors
    • How to write a proper bibliography.

    There are many other exercises available from many reputed institutions, covering practically all aspects of research. One can delve into the details of the exercises mentioned but these are the basic and most important exercises which can improve the comprehension and writing skill of a student and help produce an excellent research paper. Visit PimpMyPaper to find more useful information.